World Cup 2014
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World Cup 2014

World Cup 2014 is a Soccer/ football game where you need to play the penalty shootout. First, you need to select the country. Then you'll be allocated in a group of 4, just as in world cup. Then the game begins.

There's no other gameplay than penalty shootout. So, you need to score the most goals than your opponent to win the game.

There are no levels and no objectives in this game. The only mission is to score more goals.

How to play

Here, you need to focus on 3 things, direction, speed, and curve. You need to choose all of these before a shootout. You need to choose according to the setup of a goalie. If you manage to score more goals than your opponent you win. Else, you lose.

The controls in this game are simple. You just need to click the mouse at the right time. 

  • First, the direction arrow will move continuously, you need to click in the right direction.
  • Secondly, the curve of the ball moves, you need to click in the right direction where you want your ball to move.
  • Finally, the speed of the ball moves, you need to click at the right time on how much speed you want.