Wimbeldon Heros
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Wimbledon Heroes

Wimbledon heroes is a general tennis game where you can play one on one with a bot. This is not a multi-level game and you can't even play multiplayer in this one. However, you can play the tournament where you need to enter a best of 5.

The rules are simple and it is same as of general tennis. If you are new to tennis and confused with the rules, click on "INSTRUCTION" menu and click on General tennis rules. Here, you'll get all the rules you need to follow.

How to play

Besides that, you need to understand the controls. The controls are simple and the only thing that'll trick you is the first serve. 

  • Use the mouse to move your player across the field. 
  • Mouse click to return the ball.

Pro tip:

Stay at the centre of the field so that it'll be easy for you to move to every direction.