Warlord Heros
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Warlord Heros

Warlord heroes is a journey game where you need to go on a journey and kill your enemy with your weapon to earn some gold. Later you can use those gold to upgrade your speed, armor and other items as well. This is a no level game where you need to view the storyline and act accordingly. There are stories at the start of each level. So, better watch the story for a better understanding.

you can choose the level of difficulty in this game. If you are new to this game, start with easy. If you think you're pro, choose Hard.

How to play

There are two controls in this game. You can play with any controls you want. 

  • W, S, A, D to move your player accordingly. The alternate controls are the arrow keys.
  • T to kick and Y to move your weapon. The alternate controls are number  3 and 6.

Pro tip:

As said earlier, do not skip the intro videos in the game. You'll have a better understanding of the game and it'll help you finish the level soon.