Warlord Heroes
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Warlord Heroes

Warlord Heroes is an ancient combat game where you need to kill all your enemy along the way with your sword. You'll finish the level only if you kill all the enemy. If you can't, you'll need to start over from the beginning. There are 4 different stages of this game. But you need to finish the first level to unlock the other. You can choose the difficulty of the game and also, you choose the mode of the game. There's normal mode, gladiator mode and many more. The mission is common in all the gaming mode for the gameplay if somewhat different.

How to play

  • Use W, S, A, D to move the character. W to jump, A and D to move right and left respectively and S to Duck and block via the shield.
  • T to charge with sword and Y to kick.
  • You can use the alternate controls as well. Use the arrow keys. Here, press Up to jump, Right and Left arrow keys to move Right and Left respectively and Down arrow to Duck and block.
  • Use Number 4 and 5 to Attack and Kick.

Pro tip:

Watch the video that plays at the starting of the game.