Toss the turtle
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Toss the turtle

Toss the Turtle is a cannonball game where you need to throw the turtle via canon and you need to make sure it covers the highest distance and earn money which you can use to buy guns and armor.

How to play

The game is simple, you need to control the canon with the mouse. Set the canon at the perfect position from where the turtle would travel the farthest distance. Once the position is set, press and hold the mouse click for the power; release the click when the power is at the highest point.

Press W, S, A, D to control the turtle in the air and show some tricks to earn extra bonus.

Shoot the turtle while in the air to collect extra points.

You need to make sure it doesn't land on any obstacles as it blocks the way and it can't fly forward. Therefore, you need to move the turtle where there's more possibily of bouncing back.

There's no level in this game nor objectives. All you need to do is set the canon right and make sure the turtle covers move distance so that you can earn more money.