The Fancy Pants Adventure
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The Fancy Pants Adventure

The fancy pants adventure is a multi-level game where you need to complete the one mission to unlock another. There are no weapons involved. The only way to kill your enemy i.e. the giant spiders is to jump and step on them. While running, you need to collect the gems. The more you collect the more life you'll gain. Also, stay away from the spiders. If you can, jump over them and step on them to kill it. Or if you can't just jump over them and ignore them and play along.

How to play

  1. Use the Left and Right arrow to move the player respectively.
  2. Press S to jump.
  3. Press Up to open the doors.
  4. Press Down to Duck and roll.
  5. Press Q to change the game quality.

Pro tip:

This is a simple multi-level game. Therefore, don't waste your time in killing the spiders. Stay away from them especially if they are in multi numbers.