Sydney Shark
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Sydney Shark

Sydney Shark is a game where you'll be controlling a shark underwater and you need to eat and destroy the life overwater. In other words, you need to jump higher and crash in the boat or ship or padding boat anything that is over the water and destroy that thing to earn a point.

There's no level in this game. The mission of this game is simple, just destroy the things and kill humans. You'll get a bonus point if you jump too high and drop down the airplane. Therefore, aim for the airplane.

How to play

The shark is automatically moving front. All you need to do is to move him up and down. So, to move over the water, you need to do deep down first and jump over to make a high jump and crash on the surface. Therefore, click the Down arrow, hold the key and as you see the objects in the surface, click and hold the Up arrow to jump high

Pro tip

make a jump at the right time when there's a lot of objects and people on the surface of the water to make a huge impact.