Super Smash
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Super Smash

Super Smash is a fun game where you need to choose your characters among the 15 and start a game. Here you need to finish the level to climb up. Also, there are many versions of the game. Like you can play Vs, tournament, Single match and many more. just explore yourself in the menu section and if you're confused about the types of game, just play it to understand it better.

How to play

Controls are simple as there are not much of it.

  • Use the arrow key to move your player. Right and Left arrow to move at the respective direction. Down arrow to stop the player.
  • O to jump and P to punch.

The powers and speed depend on the character you choose to play with. One may have high speed but lack the jumping seed. So, you need to choose your characters wisely.

Pro tip

There are many version of this game that you can play with. So, if you guys are more than two then enjoy the multiplayer game.