Staggy The Boy Scout Layer 2
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Staggy The Boy Scout Layer 2

Staggy the Boy Scout Layer is a combat game where you need to kill all your enemy with your weapon i.e sword. You'll receive a reward as you kill a certain number of enemy in the game like gold coins, big sword, health pack, etc. So, you need to grab them all as they fall off the ground.

here, your main mission is to kill all the enemy as possible and grab the reward.

As you kill all the enemy, you'll complete the game. After the game completion, you'll earn some coins that you can use it to buy or upgrade your weapon and armor.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to move the player. Up arrow to Jump. Right and Left arrow to move to the according direction and Down arrow to Duck.
  • Space to attack with the sword and 
  • Numbers from 1-7 to change the weapons.

You can also pause the game in the middle and go to the upgrade room where you can upgrade your weapon and buy health pack.