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Snowball is the game where you need to control the snowball rolled from the top of the mountain. 

Here, in this game, the small snow ball is thrown from the top of the mountain and you need to move that ball left and right ignoring the blockades like people, animals, and trees. As the ball rolls down, it becomes bigger and bigger. And as it gets bigger, it can overturn or swallow the people and animals too. Also, it gets harder to handle as it gets bigger. At the start, it's much easier to control left and right.

How to play

  • Click on Roll at top of the screen.
  • Use Left and Right key to control the ball at a respective direction.
  • Ignore the blockages. But as the size gets bigger and bigger, you can run through the people and animals too. By doing this, the snowball will grow soon.

Pro tip

As the size gets bigger, its hard to control.