Shopping Cart Hero
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Shopping Cart Hero

Shopping cart is the game where you need to run with the shopping cart, take the speed, jump in the cart and jump high and make a high score. The more stunt you do, the more points you gain. Plus, the more distance you cover, the more you gain. So, the main goal here is to collect more points and upgrade your cart. The upgrade includes better wheels, rocket launcher for better speed, more person in the cart to double the points, etc. 

How to Play

  1. First off, click on the right arrow to push your cart.
  2. Once it reaches a certain destination, you are advised to jump in the cart by clicking up arrow. It is shown in the screen too. Remember to make it quick as it directs.
  3. Once you get in and fly, now you need to control the cart by clicking right and left arrow. Also, you can show some stunts too. But I recommend to do it as you upgrade your account.