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Run 3

Run 3 game is a fun game to play where you need to run through the space tunnel and jump through the empty space. Here in this game, you can move freely towards the ceiling and everywhere else. Just make sure you don't fall off the tunnel.

How to play:

As the game starts, the little alien (main character of the game) keeps on running, all you need to do is jump through the empty space and keep yourself safe. Also, as I've said earlier, you can easily run through all directions (there are no boundaries).

  1. Up arrow or Space bar to jump. Hold the key to jump higher and cover more space.
  2. Left arrow to move left
  3. Right arrow to move right.

These are the simple keys to play the game. 

Here, you have two options to play run3 online,

Explore mode and Infinite mode.

Infinite mode:

In the infinite mode, once you fall off to space, your game is over.  Furthermore, in this gaming mode, you will be playing for how many meters you've covered and whether you've beat your previous record or not. If you are playing with your friends or family, this is the best mode to play on.

Explore Mode:

In explore mode, you can run continuously even after you fall off to space. In other words, you can continue instantly from where you fall. There no such thing as game over. And unlike in infinite mode, in this gameplay, you'll be playing for the numbers of Levels you've unlocked rather than for meters. Here, the levels will unlock automatically as keep on running. Therefore, if you're playing multiplayer, do not play this mode. 

There are multiple missions on this game too. Click on the crown located at the bottom left corner of your gaming screen to view them. Complete these mission to collect the power cells.


As I've already stated that, if you're playing multiplayer, the infinite mode is much more convenient rather than explore mode because of the game automatically ends as you fall. Also, you can submit your high score online, but to do this, you need to register to the official gaming site first.