Quest Trolltube
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Quest Trolltube

Quest Trolltube is a product of PPLLAAYY; which means there are no guidelines on how to play this game. But don't worry. We'll be sharing you the how to play guide for this one.

just like their other games, you need to think differently to complete this game. Things are not normal in these games. You need to click on the clickable objects orderly to finish the level. Also, there is a limited number of clicks allowed per game. So, you need to use it wisely. Otherwise, you lose.

How to play

  1. Click on the clickable object in this game. 
  2. You need to understand the scenario first. And start clicking. There's a less chance that you'll complete it in the first try.
  3. Hover your mouse pointer all over the screen to see if some objects are clickable. This way you can get the hint.