Penguins Attack 3
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Penguins Attack 3

Penguins Attack 3 is a strategic game where the penguins are back to take over your tower. And you need to use all the armor available to stop them from reaching their goal.

This is a multi-level game. Once the bar is full, you'll level up.

How to Play:

You need to build your defense by selecting the tower armors and placing them in the right place. If you do not want to place then you can sell those and use another one with that sold money. Also, you can upgrade the armor once you've enough money.

Once you level up, you'll unlock many features.

Pro tip:

There's a wave information at the bottom of the game screen which will give you the information on the waves, enemy types and the time left before the next wave. So, get your eyes on this and prepare your armor for the battle.