Penalty Shootout 2012
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Penalty Shootout 2012

Penalty Shootout 2012 is a penalty shootout game where you need to take a shot and save a shot as well. First off, you need to select the country. Then you'll need to take a shot first. And secondly, you need to save your opponent shot as a goalie. 

This is a simple soccer/ football game where you don't need to play the full match but instead play the penalty shootout match only. 

How to play

Controls are simple in this game as you need to do everything with a mouse click. 

  • To take a shot, you need to click 3 times. The first one being the direction of the hit. Second one being the height and lastly the power/energy level. So, you need to make sure you set the right bar to hit the goal.
  • To save a goal, you need to click on the gloves sign just after the player takes a shot.
  • Here, timing is the key. You need to click at the right time to make a perfect goal and save as well.