Parking Mania
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Parking Mania

Parking Mania is a car parking game where you need to park your car in the selected spot using your arrow keys. 

This game has a total of 10 levels and in each level, you'll only get 100 seconds to park. If you don't complete it by time, you'll lose. 

Unlike other parking games, this one is somewhat hard and can't be handled in a first try. So, it is highly recommended to read the instruction first.

How to play

  1. There'll be many cars in the parking lot. Just click on one car you want to park. 
  2. You need to park at the spot where it matches the color of car. 
  3. Control the car with the arrow keys.
  4. You need to complete all these in 100 seconds.

Pro tip

Read the tutorial video before playing this game. The controls are hard compared to other games.