Ninja Game
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Ninja Game

Ninja game is a multi-level game where you need to complete the game first to unlock another level. Here, you need to complete the given task and collect the coins to finish the level. Everything you do in this game is via mouse. There no need to touch the keyboard for this game. In other words, every move of the ninja is performed by the mouse click. Just aim the height of the jump and click to jump.

How to play

  1. You'll see the lining around the ninja, that's the aiming point to jump. Control and aim it and once you're ready, click to jump.
  2. You can stick on the walls too. There're many boxes in the middle of the path. So, utilize it by using it as a shield while the enemy is shooting at you.

Pro tip:

make a perfect aim to jump. As you can see the linings, you'll have a clear picture of where you'll land. So, make sure you land on the safe zone. Also, you need to be safe from the bullets of the enemies. Unlike other games, there's no second chance in this game. If you're killed, you'll need to start from the start.