New Star Soccer
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New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is a football or soccer game where you need to play the game with the bots and win it. You don't need to play full football game as there are only penalty shootouts, freekicks, etc. So, in order to start the game, you need to train yourself first. You'll need to show your football /soccer skills and impres the manager to continue to play hte game. So, you need to do as it suggests.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to set the power and direction of the ball to hit. To do that you need to hold the mouse click and drag it behind the ball to set the power and move the mouse left and right to set the direction to hit it. 
  • Once you're done, release the click.
  • Now in order to hit the ball, you need to click on the ball. Remember, the curve depends on where you hit the ball. If you hit the ball in the middle, it will go as you set in the earlier stage. If you hit at the side or at the top, it can be some different.

Pro tip

Play the trail round first to set yourself. If you directly jump in the game, you may face failure. Therefore, play the training round at the begining.