Monkey Cliff Diving
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Monkey Cliff Diving

MOnkey Cliff Diving is a diving game of monkeys. There are 3 types of monkeys available in this game. Hat monkey has trouble with wind, skinny monkey, has trouble with gravity and lastly, average monkey, has problem with his wife. So, you need to dive accordingly.

Overall, this game is about diving. you need to dive according to the tidal waves. If you miss the water and land on rocks, you die. Therefore, you need to click the monkeys at the right time. Also, you need to remember one thing, the fast you jump, the more points you collect. Lastly, if you take too much time, the monkeys will jump itself.

How to Play 

  1. Learn all the characters about the types of monkeys as they will perform differently.
  2. Watch the tidal waves and click on the monkeys to make it jump.
  3. Timing is the key here.