Kawai Run 2
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Kawai Run 2

Kawai Run 2 is a running game where you need to complete different levels to unlock more challenges. Along with finishing the level, there is some task you need to complete too. You can view your task at the loading page at the left-hand side indicated as  "Task List". The best part of this game is, you can play single player as well as a double player or you can play with other players online. 

How to play

  1. There are two modes of playing, survival mode and campaign. But you need to play Campaign mode and complete the level to unlock the Survival mode.
  2. This game is basically the running game. And the screen moves along with you. Therefore you need to run faster to not to fall back and lose.
  3. Use the arrow keys to move. Up to jump, Right arrow to run, Back arrow to stop running, down arrow to slide.
  4. Press Up arrow twice to jump higher and press the right arrow to hover.
  5. Press Down arrow twice to roll.

Pro tip

Press the button a long time to cover more distance