Jeep Flyer
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Jeep Flyer

Jeep Flyer is a game where you need to draw in the white canvas and the jeep will drive along the path you drew. Most of the time, the jeep fall of the line and fall somewhere else. Overall, this is the most confusing online game I've ever played. There're no mission or levels in this game. Also, there are no instructions and how to play videos available in this game. So, all the things I've written here are just my own words.

How to play

  1. Draw something in the white canvas. Make sure that the lines that you drew meet at some point; like a circle.
  2. Once you've finished drawing, press the play button and watch the jeep fall.

Pro tip

There's no tip in this game as I also don't know how to play it properly. Actually, I still don't understand the main purpose of this game.