Into Space
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Into Space

Into Space is a rocket flying game where you need to control the rocket that is flying in the space. You need to control the direction, grab the bonuses like fuel, rewards and speed up in the air and complete it.

This sounds simple but, the rocket that you're controlling is low on fuel and if you don't grab the fuel in the air, it goes out of fuel in no time and you cant continue. And as you fly in the air and grab the rewards, you can later use that reward to upgrade the engine, fuel level, and all those things. So, the main mission here is to fly the rocket at the highest distance and grab all the rewards that are in the air and upgrade your engine to perform better in the next run.

Remember, the more distance you travelled, the more money you'll earn.

How to play

  • The rocket will the flying automatically, you don't need to click any buttons to move ahead. 
  • Use the arrow key to move it. Right arrow to move to the right and left arrow to move to the left.
  • Up arrow to activate the boosting.
  • There are other things that you need to take care of like flying through the boxes and all that, you need to learn those before the game starts.

Pro tip

Watch the video that plays at the starting of this game to understand this game better.