Future Race
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Future Race

Future Race is a racing game with the sci-fi touch up. Unlike other racing games, you won't be racing a car or a bike, rather, you'll be racing future cars that don't have tyres and flow in the air. The race track is just like from the sci-fi movie, which is amazing. 

Here you need to win the race and earn enough money to upgrade and buy new vehicles. But at the start, you'll be starting with a simple vehicle which has less power. Therefore, the main objective in this game is to win the race and earn points to upgrade.

How to play

Here, in this game, you can choose the mode of controls, i.e. with keyboards or mouse. 

  • For keyboard, Use the arrow keys to control the vehicle.
  • For Mouse, Click the mouse and hold to accelerate. Move the mouse to move your vehicle.

Pro tip:

It is highly recommended to use the keyboard for simple and easy controlling.