Flood Runner 4
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Flood Runner 4

Flood Runner 4 is a running game where you need to keep on running till you die. The goal here is to cover much distance as possible and unlock achievements.

Remember, achievements are unlocked automatically as you cover more distance. There are three layers in this game. And as you fall from one layer, you'll land on another, and again, if you fall from there, you'll land on the water layer. And if you fall again, you'll die and need to start over.

There are no levels in this game but however, you need to play for the achievements. You need to collect all 50 of them.

How to play

The player automatically starts running. All you need to do is jump and ignore all the obstacles that will kill you. And talking about the obstacles, there are many of them. Also, the paths are only the bridges, so, you need to make a proper jump to land perfectly.