Drag Racer 3
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Drag Racer 3

Drag Racer 3 is a drag racing game where you need to compete in a drag race. This is one on one racing game where you'll win a cash point that is later to be used in buying a car or upgrading your vehicle to better performance.

How to play

  1. Space bar to accelerate.
  2. Up arrow to change the gear (as the car you'll be riding is of manual gear)

This game sounds simple but other racing game, here you need to manually change the gear at the right time. If you change the gear untimely, your car will break down and you'll lose the race. Therefore, it is really important to know when to shift the gear and be ahead of the race.

Pro tip

All the cars in this game are free. So, instead of choosing a small car like Toyota, Mazda, go for a better performance vehicle like BMW, AUDI, Ferrari, etc. Also, you can choose the distance of the race and difficulty as well.