Doraemon Fishing
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Doraemon Fishing

I bet you all are familiar with Doraemon. here in this game, we'll be playing a doraemon character where he is fishing in an aquarium. You need to grab the fish from your fishing rod and earn some point. 

Besides fishes, there are sharks too. So, if you place your hand on those sharks, you lose and need to start from the beginning. Also, there are some garbages as well, do not pick them up, if you do, you'll lose some points as well.

There's a notice on the left side of the screen that states the points for different fishes. So, try to grab the bigger one.

How to Play:

  1. As this game is in the Japanese language, you might find it difficult to play at the beginning. But as you continue playing, it'll be fine and easy as well.
  2. You need to grab the fish in the large aquarium. There are lots of fishes passing by. And you need to remember one important thing, your fishing rod moves slow inside water. Therefore, you need to measure the distance and speed accordingly.
  3. Do not pick up the garbage, you'll lose some points. Also, do not touch the sharks either, they'll eat you and you lose.