DogFight Sims
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Dogfight Sims

DogFight Sims is an aviation game where you need to kill your opponent plane in the sky while you fly the plane. You can control the plane with both mouse or keyboard. You can choose any one. 

This is a multi-level game where once you finish a task, you'll level up. This game sounds easy but once you play it, only you know it. So, do not let this game fool you. But as you get your hands on it or you learn how to control the plane the easy way, and shoot at the right target, this is much interesting to play. Therefore, train yourself first for the first few days, then only you can play his game in real.

How to play

  1. From the keyboard, Use the arrow key to control the plane and move to the according direction.
  2. Ctrl to fire with machine gun or drop bombs.
  3. From the mouse, move the mouse to move the airplane.
  4. Mouse click to fire the bullets.
  5. Tab to switch from normal cam to bomb cams.

Pro tip

You won't get a single shot at the first time. So, practise more and enjoy the game to the fullest.