Dog Fight 2
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Dog Fight 2

Dog Fight 2 is an aviation game where you need to shoot down your enemy planes. Here, you need to control the planes and as well as shoot down the enemy planes. Also, you need to make sure that while controlling the plane, you don't crash.

It sounds easy to fly a plane but it's hard to control it. furthermore, it is much harder to control and target the enemy plane at the same time. So, it might be difficult for the first-timers.

At the beginning of each mission, you'll be given a certain task, complete it.

How to play:

  1. Use the arrow key to control the plane.
  2. Space to fire
  3. Shift or Ctrl key to drop the bomb.

Pro tip

It's really hard to control the plane and chase the enemy planes and shoot at them. So, it is advisable to play the trial video first.