Death Penalty Zombie Football
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Death Penalty Zombie Football

Death Penalty Zombie Football is a football match where you need to play against the zombies and kill them with the football shot and score a goal. There are multiple levels in this game and you'll upgrade as you level up. 

How to play

  1. Move the player with the mouse left and right to move accordingly.
  2. Move the mouse Up and Down to make a target.
  3. Mouse click to shoot the ball.

Your target here is to kick the ball to the zombies to take them down and make a goal. Also, the ball is being thrown at you non stop. So, you need to shoot at the right time to make a perfect shot. Therefore, timing is the main key here. If you are playing this for the very first time, it is highly recommended to get used to the ball being thrown. Once you master this, it'll be much easier to kill the zombies with the ball.