Bomb It
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Bomb It

Bomb it is a game where you need to place a bomb to clear your way. Here, you need to place the bomb and move as far as you can to protect yourself from the impact of the bomb. If you stay close, you'll lose a life. Actually, you can see the impact of the bomb.

You'll be playing in a maze with 3 other bot players. You need to eliminate those players by placing the bomb in the right place. 

You can play 2 player too.

How to play:

  1. Use your arrow key to move the player.

  2. Click Space to place a bomb.

For Player 2

  1. W, S, A, D to move your player accordingly.
  2. Click Enter to place a bomb.

Pro tip:

Place the bomb in each of the road blockades at the same time to save your gaming time. You need to learn the bomb impact and place the bomb accordingly.