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Baseball is a famous Miniclip game. Here, the rules are simple and I guess everyone is familiar with this game and have a clear knowledge about the rules and how to play. But again, I'll try my best if anyone is in doubt.

Here, in this game, you need to hit the ball in the center of the field and make a run. The more runs you collect, the more chances you'll win this game.

if you're still confused on the rules of this game, you can surf the internet and learn.

How to play

  1. A plus sign will appear as the bowler starts to ball. Also, the red circle will appear on the screen at the same time. So, you need to move the red circle to the plus sign to hit the ball.
  2. Move the red circle to the center to hit straight. Move it to the right, to hit left. And move it to the left to hit in the right direction.
  3. Also, move the red circle at the bottom to hit up. Move it up to hit at the bottom. 
  4. Press the mouse click at the right time to hit the ball. If you click sooner or click it late, you'll miss the shot and lose the game. So, make sure you hit the ball at the right time. Timing is the key here.
  5. Once the ball is hit, the player will run to the next pitch.

Pro tip:

Hit the ball at the right time to get the perfect shot. If you press too soon or too late, you'll miss the shot. Also, you need to make sure to hit it anywhere but not in the center.