Ace Quest Sport
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Ace Quest Sport

Ace Quest Sport is a fun game to play but you need to use your brain. Here, you need to complete the levels by thinking the unthinkable. In other words, you need to think differently and click on the objects in order to complete this game.

As there are many levels and you can use a few clicks per game, you need to do it carefully.

How to play

  1. There are no guidelines in this game. Therefore, all you need to do is click on the clickable object in order and finish the level.
  2. For example, in level 1, you need to click on the nuts of the bicycle to finish the game. But if you click elsewhere, the cycle will run faster and you'll lose the game in 3 clicks. Therefore, you need to think differently.

Pro Tip:

Move the mouse pointer to see if the object is clickable.